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Korean pizza

Korean pizza

Korean pizza, oppa must like this menu, The Korean pizza which consists of Flour and scallions. Will add seafood , ufabet and cheese including kimchi . Korean pizza Ingredients (for 2 ) 2 cup all-purpose wheat flour 2 egg 1 cup water 4-5 scallions 5 shrimps A pinch of salt

almond milk

Almond milk

Almond milk made from almonds. Ground and filter out the water. (You can see how to do it here)  In addition to concentrated almond milk, many recipes have added sweeteners such as honey, sugar, red. And this recipe is from ufabet But I recommend eating without filling really sweet, add

Homemade soy milk yogurt as a bone nourishing food Balance hormones but in addition to eating in plain sight or paired with fruit We can create a menu as well.

Homemade soy milk yogurt

Homemade soy milk yogurt as a bone nourishing food Balance hormones. In addition to eating in plain sight or paired with fruit We can create a menu as well. This recipe is from ufabet Homemade soy milk yogurt Ingredient 2 cups plain soy milk,1 cup natural yogurt,1 tbsp white sugar,