Ange reveals van der Ven only had cramps.

Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou eased fans’ concerns when he revealed that. Mickey van der Ven had only cramps after being substituted in the 2-2 draw with Manchester United.

   van der Ven, the 22-year-old defender has arrived and has been a key player since the start of the season. But unfortunately he got injured and has been resting since mid-November. Before being fit, he returned to start as a starter at Old Trafford. But was substituted in the 89th minute due to an injury, causing concern for football fans once again ทางเข้า UFABET 

    However, Ang said after the game that “He wasn’t in pain. He was tired because he had cramps. I think that’s pretty clear. It’s cramping. I don’t know what it’s like because I haven’t had cramps in a long time.”

    “He gave it his all and it’s a credit to him. He has worked hard to recover and you never know the right time to put them back on the field. Until they play you never know how they’re going to get through it.”

    “He feels good in many places. Have a lot of confidence and are in a difficult position against agile opponents. All of which have been tested. I think he got through it brilliantly.”