Bruno can stay if Manchester United want.

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has revealed he is ready to continue working if the club wants him to.

The Red Devils beat Newcastle 3-2 at home in the Premier League on Wednesday. Manchester United are now in 8th place with 57 points, but UFABET  chances of qualifying for Europe are difficult because their goal difference is very low.

After the game, the English media did not miss the opportunity to ask about the rumor that Fernandes is ready to move teams in the summer to find a new challenge for himself. Including the factor that the club may not go to Europe.

“I will stay here if the club wants me and the club wants me to be part of the future. If for some reason they don’t want me then I will leave.” Bruno the Portuguese midfielder said.

“We have two more games to play and we have to finish the job in the best way possible. It didn’t show, the captain’s performance, the team’s performance.

“I am no different to any other player because I have the captain’s armband. I always try to give my all and we always give our all for the club. No one hides that we play for a big club and we have to improve every game.”