7 tips to detox body in 2020

New year 2020 Everyone would like to change themselft to be better. there is 7 tips to detox body in 2020. well someone want to wake up early and feel healthy? 

Detoxification It’s not just to eat only in order to detoxify only. But there are other methods that can detoxify the body and result in good health as well. We go to see how to detox toxins from the body that we do in the morning, what is it? Because this liquor is what we should know because it is very important in the care of the body.

1.Wake up early

Staying up late and waking up late It will change your calendar of life. Because usually the body needs to rest after 10:00 PM onwards and ready to wake up at 6:00 AM or from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. This will be the time that the body excrete the waste best. If we wake up later than 9:00 am, it will cause the body to not expel waste well. And cause constipation problems as well So let’s go to bed early and wake up early.

2.Coconut oil

In addition to being applied to the face and hair, coconut oil can also help in detoxification of the body in the morning as well. Just when you wake up Use coconut oil to rinse your mouth immediately. Do not drink or brush your teeth recently. Because coconut oil will help cleanse the bacteria in the mouth.

3. Scrape the tongue

When finished brushing You should use a toothbrush to brush your tongue up to the base of your tongue. To eliminate bacteria in the mouth thoroughly Or you can buy a tongue scraper at the drug store. Or large department stores are also available But if not really convenient Today’s toothbrushes have a tongue scraper attached to the brush. You can choose from convenience stores near your home.

4. Exercise

It is a good idea to exercise after waking up, and choose the right exercise routine, such as light jogging. Around the village or in the park near the house will also be a great help in detoxing the body. Sweating is important in eliminating toxins that may have accumulated in our body. Or you may choose to exercise in hot yoga. To help increase body temperature and sweat well.

5. Lemon juice stimulates detoxification of the gut.

Drinking lemon juice in the morning will stimulate the intestines to function at full capacity. By letting you squeeze lemon juice mixed with warm water. And drink immediately for good bowel movements Or use a formula Lemon + Honey + Yogurt + Milk You can drink it in the morning too. Which will not only help detoxify but also make you feel refreshed

6.Drink cold pressed juice for detox body 2020

Cold pressed juice is the juice making by using a high pressure hydraulic machine, squeezing or pressing the fruit pulp to bring out the juice. Without causing heat Thus helping to maintain the amount of vitamins and enzymes live And maintain the natural color and flavor of the fruit And drinking juice on an empty stomach will make the body absorb nutrients faster. Today we’re going to introduce 1 good recipe for detoxification: a mix of lemon, kale, spinach, spirulina and ginger, the more leafy greens, the better.

7. Add apple cider vinegar to meals.

Try replacing plain vinegar with apple cider vinegar instead, as apple cider vinegar can also aid in detoxifying the liver.

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