Asparagus and its history.

Asparagus is a plant native to Europe and Africa. As for the botanical characteristics of asparagus. It is a vegetable menu with a stem divided into two parts: the underground stem and above-ground stems.

The underground stem is a collective root system or rhizome. It looks like a pencil stick. The young shoots or young shoots. That we eat together is the part that grows from the rhizomes. And if the sprouts are allow to grow. They will become above-ground stems. It has a height of about 1.5-2 meters.

          The above-ground stems have thin scaly leaves attached to the joints. The hair-like part is actually the leaf of the asparagus itself. And asparagus has flowers, it is a small size attach to the branches a lot. The results are there as well. UFABET The fruit is round, small, green when soft and has a reddish-orange color when ripe And in the fruit there are also 2-3 seeds.

There are two types that we consume together, namely white asparagus. Which is the type that will be collect. When the shoots emerge from the soil about 1 centimeter, commonly used to make canned or cream soup and green asparagus. Which will be harvested only when the young shoots are about 15-22 centimeters from the ground. It is a type that we commonly use to fry or cook for food.