Blondie raspberry white choco cream cheese homemade sweets

Blondie Raspberry white choco Cream Cheese is  a dessert that is similar to a brownie. Golden brown sweet scent from butter and brown sugar. This recipe is even more special because it contains cream cheese.
The sour flavor is mixed with sweet raspberry jam before garnished with bright red fruit. Anyone who eats must fall in love.

Blondie raspberry

Blondie Raspberry Cream Cheese

Ingredients (for 16 pieces)

All purpose flour2cup
Brown sugar1 cup
Granulated sugar1/2cup
Unsalted butter, room temperature150gram
white Chocolate chip1/4cup
Cashew nuts1/2cup
Vanilla scent1/2Teaspoon
Print a 10-inch square.
stencil paper

Cream cheese ingredients

Cream cheese210gram
yolk 1bubble
maple syrub45gram
Raspberry Jam2Tablespoon
Fresh raspberries2/3cup


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
  2. Sift the wheat flour and salt together.
  3. With butter and both types of sugar. Into the batter using the leaf-shaped beater Beat at medium speed until well blended, add vanilla flavored egg, followed by number 2, chocolate chips and cashews. Pour the mixture into the tray with wax paper stand.
  4. Make cream cheese by adding all the ingredients. (Except raspberries) into the batter using a leaf-shaped beater. Beat at high speed until mixed well. Then pour over the ingredients in item 3, use a sharp stick to drag the dessert surface to form Before sprinkle the raspberry thoroughly, put it in the oven
    for 30 minutes.
  5. Remove the snacks from the oven. Set aside to cool Therefore remove wax paper, cut into pieces, ready to serve.