Cause of lung infection

What is the cause of lung infection ?  They can be divided into 3 large groups. The first group is the most common. bacteria. The second group of streptococcus are viruses, better known as influenza viruses. And the third group is fungi. In general, people normally do not have fungal lung infections. Except those with immunodeficiency, such as patients receiving immunosuppressant drugs patients receiving chemotherapy or people infected with HIV.

Cause of lung infection

Symptoms of pneumonia

It is a symptom of the respiratory system, including one of the symptoms of breathlessness. Because the lungs are unable to exchange oxygen gas well. Second, coughing, sputum due to inflammation of the air sacs and trachea within the lungs. Third, chest pain, especially when taking deep breaths. For those with severe symptoms. There may be drowsiness, shock, and symptoms of an infection in the bloodstream. and die If not treated in a timely manner

Pneumonia is treatable.

The main treatment is to provide antimicrobial depends on that. Any lung infection will provide an antimicrobial suitable for that infection. Treatment requires direct medical attention. You should not buy medicines and take them yourself. which will be at risk in dividing treatment that does not match the infection cause drug allergy or drug resistance occurs

How to prevent

The first always take care of your physical health. by eating food from the five food groups Exercise regularly. Second, avoid going into crowded areas. especially during the outbreak of the disease or those who are physically weak Immunodeficiency. Third, should avoid if close contact with patients with respiratory symptoms. Should wear a mask wash your hands regularly to prevent infection and the next, vaccinate against pneumonia in people at high risk.