Fish Sauce Pickled Eggs.

Just saying “Fish Sauce Pickled Eggs” will make you salivate! I still have to eat Picture it, Sis. Pickled egg yolk with fish sauce on hot steamed rice or upgrade to eat with crispy seaweed and topped with juicy seafood dipping sauce. Black hole sister told me why it’s not difficult. Who wants to know how to do it? Let’s go to the kitchen to see how to make pickled eggs with fish sauce. This event. The person next door has to knock on the door and ask for a taste for sure cooking.

Raw material
15 eggs
Good fish sauce 50 g.
500 ml of clean water
25 grams of coconut sugar
20 g green chilli
20 g red chilli
50 g of Chinese garlic

Put water in a pan. Fish sauce and sugar to dissolve together. Then set aside to cool.
Crack the eggs separately, removing only the yolks. Add to the prepared marinade. before sprinkle with garlic Paprika and Red Chinda Chili cover with plastic wrap Refrigerate for 4 hours.
At the end of the time. Scoop up and serve. With seafood sauce Steamed rice and seaweed or side dishes as you like.

Which the cooked pickled egg menu That must focus on cleaning every step. This is from washing the eggs before cracking them in a bowl to reduce the risk of bacteria in the eggs. If you choose organic eggs or eggs that can be eaten raw, you can skip the steaming process. If you want to eat deliciously It can be eaten with seafood sauce. or any type of dipping sauce that you like.