Snow lotus properties and benefits.

          Snow lotus is a plant that has many health-related properties. Because it is rich in nutrients. The benefits of snow lotus are as follows.

1. Helps to lose weight

          The natural sugar can help reduce weight. A 2009 study published in the scientific journal Clinical Nutrition revealed that. Women who consumed 0.14-0.29 grams syrup per kilogram of body weight for at least 120 days had a reduction in weight, body mass index and waist circumference down. That is so because syrup will create a feeling of satiety in the body Helps to reduce appetite.

2. Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

          Snow lotus contains a type of sugar called fructo-oligosaccharides. (Fructooligosaccharide) has the ability to reduce triglyceride levels. and bad cholesterol According to a 2011 study published in Chemico-Biological Interactions found that rats with diabetes. When receiving food supplements containing snow lotus in a row every day triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol has a rapid decline rate There are also human studies showing that Eating regularly will help reduce both types of fat as well. and when the levels of these two types of fat decreased. The risk of cardiovascular disease will be reduced as well UFABET

3. Reduce blood sugar levels

          Although tastes sweet But this sweet taste comes from Inulin, a natural sugar. The study found that Inulin is a substance that has a positive effect on the functioning of insulin in the body. Especially for type 2 diabetics, eating snow lotus regularly can help control blood sugar levels. In addition, the sweetness level of the snow lotus is less than half the sweetness level of sugar. Which is considered is a food that diabetics can eat without fear of sugar levels.