Beetroot smoothie mixed fruit

Beetroot smoothie mixed fruit, with green apple, carrot,lemon juice

This fruit smoothie can be eaten at any age. There are many nutrients that we would recommend eating together. Good taste and mellow if you like a little sweet. You can add more honey.

Easy to understand video teaching how to make fruit juice.

Ingredients for 3 glasses
1. Beetroot
2. 2-3 Green apples
3. 1 carrot
4. 1 teaspoon salt
5. 3 packs of honey (2-3 tablespoons) and reduce as you like
6 Half a jug of ice
7. 1 glass of clean water (divided 2 times)
8. lemon juice


1. Nourish and maintain eye
       2. cure blindness and cataracts
       3. with antioxidants. Which helps to slow down aging.
       4. The occurrence of aging wrinkles Help reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
       5. Help treat high blood pressure.
       6. Help maintain blood sugar levels. Improves efficiency in the circulatory system


Benefits of Lycopene in Red Fruits The nutritional value of the beet processed per 100 g Energy 43 kcal carbohydrates, 9.56 grams of sugar, 6.76 grams fiber, 2.8 grams of Vitamin A 2 mg 0% beta Carrie Knowles Katyn 20 mg 0% Vitamin C, 4.9 mg, 6% calcium, 16. Mg 2% Phosphorus 40 mg 6% Potassium 325 mg 7% Sodium

The benefits of Beetroot smoothie

1. There lycopene (Lycopene) is a good antioxidant
2 help slow the aging of cells. In the body, especially the skin cells.
3. Helps to nourish the eyes. Prevent cataracts.
4. The meat of beetroot is full of vitamin A. This helps eyesight
5. Vitamin B complex as well as a red pigment in the Bethany Nin (Betanin)
6. The amino acid properties that inhibit the growth of tumors and cancer
7. help to better blood circulation. Circulation and better blood
8. substances Bethany Nin (Betanin) is rich in vitamin C
9. adds oxygen to the cells. Up to 400% in the body, thus helping to stay away from cancer.