Herb Drink against Covid-19

Bael + Ginger

Herb Drink against Covid-19 .This recipe are rich in nutrients. This recipe is a perfect blend of bael and ginger. Especially, Bael gives a nice aroma and sweet taste while ginger gives a unique aroma. In a personal way this healthy drinks that children or adults can drink it easily.

Benefits of ginger

reduce flatulence.
Help relieve migraine
Help prevent cancer
Helps reduce blood sugar,
low sodium,  reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
Help prevent cancer
Help relieve nausea Help relieve car sickness or seasickness,

 Benefits of Bael

relieve diarrhea.
Treat stomach ulcers Because it heals stomach ulcers
Reduce blood sugar
Reduce blood fat
Prevent cancer,


1. 2 liters of water
2. 1 head ginger
3. 50 grams of bael fruit
4. 30 grams of unbleached sugar (unbleached sugar Will give a beautiful color)
5. 3-4 pandan leaves

1. Put water with pandan leaves and turn on medium
heat. 2. Bring the heat to the crushed ginger. Wait for a while.
3. Bring the bael to roast or roast over low heat for 5-7 minutes before roasting  (to let the Bael rubber come out. It will be more fragrant)
4. Then put it in boiling water.
5. Boil the buds over medium heat. Until the bael soft, about 15-20 minutes.
6. Cut out the bael and pandan leaves and ginger.
7. Add sugar to stir to dissolve.
8. Filter with a colander or some white cloth.
9. Scoop drink gradually into a cup of hot water or evening time
10. If you want to drink cold, put the bottle into the refrigerator. Drink and sweet.

Adding flavor to drinking Bael Fruit Juice with Ginger (Choose any type you like)
1. I like to drink tea as a hot beverage. Will get a clear aroma of ginger healthy drinking Should not add sugar.
2. If you like to eat a sweet (according to the recipe), then filter it and put it into a drinking bottle. By placing it in the refrigerator and drinking without ice.
3. If you want to drink with ice. You have to add 1 times more sugar from the recipe (2 liters of water, 30 grams of sugar, 60 grams), add and reduce as you like.