How to store medicines correctly?

How to store medicines correctly ? Where should we keep it? They told me to put it in the refrigerator. Is it really good?

How to properly store medicines Where should we actually store them? Many people believe that Storing the drug in a low temperature environment will help maintain the stability of the drug for a longer time. Also may understand that Will be able to extend the expiration date of the drug for a longer time. Therefore, it is often found that some people will keep all kinds of medicines in the refrigerator to store food.

In fact, storing medicines in the refrigerator can cause them to lose their stability as well. Because the temperature and humidity may not be suitable for some drugs.  Some types of syrup to refrigerate will cause precipitation or some capsules that are stored in a high humidity refrigerator. Often makes the capsules greasy or stick together.

Keeping some medicines in the refrigerator In addition to causing the deterioration of the important drug. For example, soaking aspirin tablets in a high humidity refrigerator will cause them to break down into salicylic acid and acetic acid. Which has no anticoagulant effect on platelets. It also causes toxicity. This causes the body to suffer from hypoxia, convulsions and loss of consciousness when taken in high doses.

Therefore, keeping the medicine in the refrigerator. It is not the best method for all medications. Always read the label or package description to determine the proper storage temperature.