The healthy drink for increase brain power.

The healthy drink we would like to share is for anyone who likes to drink coffee in the morning and during the day on a regular basis. We would like to invite everyone in this article. Change behavior Let’s drink some juice. To help brain brighten, nourish the heart, get a new day as well as drinks It is also considered one of the types of food that is essential for humans as well. Whether it reduces appetite Create fresh knowledge And eliminate exhaustion compensate the amount of water the body loses each day.

Coffee or juice

Coffee is a drink that has both benefits and harm. The benefit is that it stimulates the brain. Keeping the body awake. It also has other medical benefits, such as preventing Parkinson’s disease. Reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms Stomach cancer, lung cancer, etc., where drinking coffee to relieve symptoms Should be advised by a doctor.

 While eating a lot of coffee Is a punishment as well This is because it contains caffeine that can cause insomnia and vomiting, and drinking large amounts of coffee can cause headaches. Or an irregular heartbeat And drinking a lot of coffee every morning Also stimulates the diuretic Makes the adrenal glands work harder And also causes the blood to become acidic Which is an incidence of chronic disease.

The fruit juice will have a better effect. Because it makes the body feel refreshed as well And help nourish the skin to be bright and radiant In addition, vitamin C in fruit juices can help slow down aging of the skin Does not give the skin any signs of aging or premature aging. 

Which depends on each type of fruit as well, but it is important not to eat fruit juice that is sweet. Or too much flavoring Basil can have a negative long-term health effect.

In addition to juice. There are also people who like to drink vegetable juice. Which contains many vitamins Especially vitamin C, calcium is higher than some fruit juices, too. It is also an elixir, such as celery, lettuce, cucumber, etc.

Snow Strawberry

Snow Strawberry healthy drink

Data from the Annals of Neurology journal suggests that eating strawberries at least 24 a week can slow down brain degeneration in women. In particular, people aged 70 years and over, and if you want Khun Bright Khun Thisana Chanyachalert, an independent professional dietitian. Has recommended healthy drinks “Strawberry Snow” recipe from Jamie Oliver can help refresh the brain. Bright all day Because strawberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help slow down cell degeneration, reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Cardiovascular disease Colon cancer In addition, the mint leaves are also used to relieve bloating due to their digestive properties and reduce gas in the stomach.

Snow Strawberry


  • 5 dashes of strawberry 
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint or mint
  • 1-2 lemons
  • 1 ice cubes
  • 350 ml cold water

Method of making: Put strawberries, mint leaves and ice into a blender bowl. Then add cold water Blend all the ingredients together until it forms a creamy texture.