Egg white porridge.

          Who knew flourless porridge was available too? This is egg white porridge. Add clean vegetables and beards, slightly salty seasoning. It easy menu for you. Ingredients. ready-made egg whites  Side dishes such as boiled vegetables, fried potatoes, smoked salmon  Seasonings of your choice such as soy

Salmon Donburi.

       Please people who love Japanese food, rice menus, here’s the salmon donburi. Add grilled salmon with vegetables of your choice and shredded omelette. Let’s go to cooking. Ingredients. Salmon 1 piece 1/2 cup brown rice Vegetables of your choice (1/2 small avocado, 5 small tomatoes, 3

Fish Sauce Pickled Eggs.

Just saying “Fish Sauce Pickled Eggs” will make you salivate! I still have to eat Picture it, Sis. Pickled egg yolk with fish sauce on hot steamed rice or upgrade to eat with crispy seaweed and topped with juicy seafood dipping sauce. Black hole sister

Seasoned Tofu.

Although seasoned tofu looks and tastes unsatisfactory. But let me tell you that the benefits of tofu are enormous. They are sold at 7-11 and are inexpensive. What are the benefits. Ingredients         1-2 egg tofu favorite meat (Mostly use minced pork and shrimp)

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs menu that is Simple menu that you can cook yourself . Suitable for both breakfast and lunch menu. It’s a low carb recipe with boiled eggs wrapped in minced pork and put in a deep fryer. Guarantee that it’s delicious for sure. Eat with mustard or chili sauce.

Baked cheese bread

Baked cheese bread

        Surprise someone special with a menu of Baked cheese bread. Breakfast recipes that look beautiful Make holes with sliced ​​bread and topped with bacon and fried eggs eat during playing ufabet. Ingredients 2 thick bread slices a little fresh butter Cheddar cheese 2 slices 4 long

crab stick sandwich

Crab Stick Sandwich

           In the morning, lets make a crab stick sandwich for the kids. This recipe is made with crab sticks, cucumber, carrots and mayonnaise and a little sugar. In this regard, the filling can be refrigerated overnight. When the morning comes, I spread it on the bread.

Eggs Bacon Cheese Cups

Eggs Bacon Cheese Cups

Who has an oven, let’s get a menu of eggs bacon cheese cups in the morning. This recipe combines bacon and cheese with added protein from eggs. Season with salt and black pepper. Ingredients 12 pieces of bacon (according to the number of pieces) Butter or a